Sunday, June 20, 2010


These are a couple of photos I got while on the path along Brush Creek in Humbug State Park. In the first shot, I saw this kind of effect on Flickr and I thought I'd try it myself. I like it for this particular scene. The back was pretty washed out but it looks kind of ethereal to me with this editing I think.
And the second image is a stand of trees that looked pretty neat to me, all covered with moss. It was SO green in there! I'm looking forward to going back. The next time I'm bringing my regular tri-pod. An awful lot of my photos were blurred. I could feel myself not standing steady and there was a time or two when I could feel myself slowly leaning towards the drop down to the creek. I'd hold onto the mono-pod in spite of the gravitation pull that was occurring and continue clicking the shutter. The result of some of those I thought I might try and work into an abstract of some kind. *-))

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