Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It was so pretty to look at......and know it wasn't mine to mow. This large expanse of grass with it's little white daisy-like flowers, along with that patch out further of yellow was just one of the places where you could have a picnic. There were lots of tables here and there. I can't remember whether this was around where the covered picnic area was located or somewhere else. Anyway, the trees behind make for a perfect background.

Here in the second photo was a glade of trees. myrtle I think, that stood out without all the undergrowth that make for a shaggy scene. I de-saturated it but left a little green tint in.....my newest thing to try.....And I thought it worked fairly well here, not great though.

I made up a batch of spiced almonds today for the July get-together (Thank you, Nancy F!!) They turned out well and I had to remind Norm that they were not for nibbling on now. You know how one leads to another. I hid them out in the garage refrigerator.......not only from Norm......me too! Out of sight, out of mind. At least, that's the plan.

Up on Coast Guard Hill I caught a couple of bucks strolling down the street. Their antlers were covered in velvet and they looked so handsome and proud. They didn't pay much attention to me but I didn't know if I crept closer whether it would spook them or not, so I snapped the shutter while they ambled on down the street and then off into the woods. I'll see if I can't show them to you tomorrow.......

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

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