Thursday, April 1, 2010


No, not really.....Somewhere east of Coos Bay on the way to Allegeny. I was a passenger and taking in the sights more than paying attention to where we were.....which was slightly lost. But enjoyably so. A friend and I traveled along some kind of slough road....Does Coalbank sound familiar to anyone or am I just making it up? Whatever or where ever, it was a beautiful little side trip. There was a lot of water....I mean a LOT! The ground is pretty saturated after all the rains but I didn't really see any flooding. There was one cow, one of many, that seemed to be very happy standing knee deep in water that was making a pond out of one pasture. And since my feet hurt a lot, I could fully understand her contented look. The clouds were those beautiful thunder-bumpers which added to the whole scene. Lots of farms and some quaint little homes like the one pictured above. Others were rugged and told of maybe harder times. The below photo is I-don't-know-what......some kind of loading dock that was used when the slough might have been used more commercially than it is now.....just a guess.
The sloughs must have been used at one time because there were various kinds of boats seen every so that were in pretty rough condition. And lots of birds......We saw a pair of kingfishers but I didn't have my telephoto lens so the shots I got are terrible. Then the usual ducks and geese, cormorants......and one set of birds that were either dry, tan cormorants or possibly young herons. I'll send that photo onto some of my bird expert friends and they can make the final call. So.....all in all.....a great way to get lost and have wonderful afternoon, too!
I want to do it again!!

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