Friday, April 16, 2010


If you go to the south side of the Arizona St. bridge over what I call Garrison Creek and Garrison Lake, and look on the creek side you'll see this marshy area. What looks like quite a mess and tangle of dross in the below photo is actually a lovely blend of reeds, grass, lily pods (one in bloom here) and the reflection of all the above, plus some out of sight trees. It's really very pretty. If you click this photo on you might see it in a larger form. Then the reflections really stand out and you'll see what I mean. The orange colored lily pod that is blooming is about 1/4 way up on the left center-ish. See if you can find it.
This second shot is the same general area, but at a distance so you can see the reflection of the large tree. Bet the who ever lives in that house has one great view of not only the creek and the lake but maybe some of the ocean over the narrow strip of dune that separates the lake from the mighty Pacific.
I think we're all looking for a repeat of the sunny weather today. It was almost hot for awhile this afternoon! and sort of muggy. I come from the San Francisco Bay Area and I immediately think "earthquake weather"! And the way that there's been a lot of rockin' n rollin' going on with Ma Nature all over the globe these days, I wouldn't have been half surprised if I'd felt a shake or two. Hopefully NOT!!
I'm looking forward to taking more photos that show blue sky and blue water. The gray and stormy have their place......but not until next fall, please.

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