Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's like stepping into another world....full of the creativity and fun.
This wonderful weather vane of the
locust with it's green 'jeweled' eye has a somewhat fanciful look to it. I posted this photo on Flickr and titled it "The Good Locust". One of my Flickr friends asked why it was good.....and it was probably because it was skewered....8-)). The weather vane is on top of a barn that's right next to the vegetable garden that is right now a work of art in progress. It has a little winding rock stream and various veggies, some blueberry bushes and some herbs......and a whole lot of charm! I took a stroll down a path and through the woods to a part of Garrison Lake that has many reeds and grasses and loaded with birds......and I guess fish too. I saw a big heron down there the other day so he must have been fishing for something good. I still need to edit those shots. I love this snap of
the other bunny though. The one from yesterday was a female I guess....since her name was Mrs. Fuzzworth (stands to reason, huh?) So the one here must be a male. This brown one seemed a lot more shy than the Mrs. And sorry for the slightly fuzzy look. They were thoroughly enjoying their lettuce and their little jaws and noses were bobbing up and down.....and I wasn't using a tripod, which is actually the real reason why it's not as sharp as it should be. But I'm sure you can look beyond the fuzzy and see this bunny's "essence of cuteness."

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