Thursday, April 29, 2010


As promised, I took a number of photos of the old city jail today. Looking at it today, it's just hard to believe that anyone would put another person in anything so.....well, hovel-ish. A cold, drafy cement box. Hopefully, they had some kind of window back then. I imagine it was used only for unruly 'over-nighters' who might have had one too many drinks and got in fights or something or other. Once sobered up, they were probably sent home to their unhappy wives. Maybe then, they wished themselves back in jail! 8-))
I remember when we first moved here, and since our first home was just above this old jail, I'd peeked inside and knew about it. At the 4th of July parade.....a truly BIG deal in Port Orford !!
there would be a pickup truck made out like an ole hoose-gow, and they would choose different citizens watching the parade, that they would pick up and charge with something... The 'threat' was that they would put them in the jail until someone came to pay their 'bail' AKA a donation to whatever local fund raiser was behind this. Well, like I said, I had seen inside this jail, and I think my eyes probably grew in size as I thought about the possibility of ending up in this awful and dirty place..even for a short time! Visions of spiders, rats and other vermin came to mind. Actually, they didn't put anyone in this old jail, but I didn't know that until later. In the meantime, I seem to remember standing BEHIND Norm until the portable jail passed well on by.
Just to play it safe!!

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