Monday, April 12, 2010


Yep!! Here he is!! For those who don't know, this is Norm......or AKA "He-who-keeps-my-feet-warm".
Beautiful blue eyes and a big ole' smile. He considers it his 'job' to make sure that I have something each and every day to laugh at, at least once. Considering the sometimes odd way I see the world, I don't think this is a very hard task for him to fact, he's using me as his excuse.....because HE wants to laugh at least once every day. Well, we both keep each other pretty happy. He looks very pleased with himself in this shot since he finally figured out a plumbing problem that has been plauging him for about a week. Seems the foreign instruction manual just 'assumed' that everyone would know that the faucet could unscrew rather than being gently pulled up as the drawing in the manual gave hint to. And now his next vexing problem soon to be solved is getting Netflick right off the TV. Again, the this case they use their own language and assume that everyone automatically knows their techie jargon. What he DID find out is that he needs to go back to Fred Meyer and ask about what else he needs to go with his BluRay. One little baby step for my man-kind......but one step closer to another pleased -with himself -smile.

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