Monday, April 26, 2010


Yep, it began to rain this afternoon and looks like our greening of Oregon will be with us for another couple of days at least. Maybe just as well since I can hardly move today with sore muscles from my gardening yesterday. These are a few snaps I got in late yesterday afternoon. There are more that you'll be seeing in the next few days.
And those of you who follow, remember how I said yesterday that my friends on Flickr just won't respond to my woodsy photos. Well, I was wrong, I'm happy to report. The two pics I posted yesterday (same as the ones here) were commented on least from a couple of fellow photographers.
The photo here on the top is of some of our blueberry blossoms. Aren't they dainty and fragile looking? But they're tougher than they look. They survive the rains and especially our summer winds.....which are a bit more than breezes. And the berries will grace many a bowl of cereal come summer. Maybe even share a pie with some blackberries....Yummm!

And the second snap here is of a lonely but pungent chive flower. Not only pretty but so good on salads or veggies. I used to have enough when I was in California, that I'd make bouquets of the flowers......they're fairly long-lasting too. In both of these photos I enjoy looking at the background as much as the subject flower. OK.....that's it for today. Have yourself a wonderful day!

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