Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wasn't it great to see it today? Maybe not ALL day but enough for us to know that it's still there! I was having my doubts. After I dropped off a few pelican photos at the hospital for the exhibit, Norm and I had lunch at Two Loons (no jokes, please). They have the best quiche!! Unfortunately, it's about the only place that has quiche around..........but they do a fantastic job and it's consistently good. With the sun trying to break through some of the clouds, we went down to the marina where I took a few, or many more, shots. (I don't seem to have that "took a few" down too well yet). The first one I thought was pretty good of the Bandon lighthouse. They've repainted it and I enjoy the bright colors.
This second photo is what I call "Shrimp Bisque on the Rocks". Some young man from one of the fish markets came over to throw a bowl of old shrimp over the side of the boardwalk. There were seagulls and crows all over.....all trying to get their free lunch. And me moving around quickly when the over-head action became a little to thick. I'm not much of a bird photographer but I do like the open wings of this crow.
Tomorrow the sun is supposed to be with us again.....at least for the day. Let's all enjoy it!

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