Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm glad I went around the garden the other day and took a lot of shots of various blooms because I'm sure not getting out in the rain to get anything else. I enjoy photos of flowers every so often, but I have to admit that I'm craving something a little more exciting right now. No (Pam), not something that will blow me and my hat off the cliffs. Not to worry.
Well, never mind cause it's flowers that we have still. This first one is Russell's lupine. I'd heard of these flowers and seen seed packets for years but had no idea that it grew as a medium sized shrub! It's covered with blooms!! And big ones! I'll have to buy more if they come in different colors.
The second floral here is a columbine that volunteers every year, changing color as often. This year I think it's the prettiest I've seen. The white with a blush of the pink makes it look even more delicate than usual.
Well, tomorrow I'll be out and about mid-day and I'll definitely bring my camera. I just have to find something else to snap besides flowers.....lovely as they are. I have wanted to get a couple of the old City jail......that will be one of my goals. It might make up into a pretty good card, huh? I worked on cards most of the day and again, need to change the routine tomorrow. Too much sitting allows Donna to spread.....and not in a good way! Time to walk!!

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