Friday, April 9, 2010

END OF OUR HEADS VISIT (for a while)

Some shots work OK when you shoot into the light.....the top of this image wasn't one of them. That one particular very old tree, though, always draws me to try to capture the wonderful old spirit it holds. It has moss growing along it's many, many branches as well as ferns nestled in here and there. And it's BIG! spite of the flare in the upper part, I just couldn't not include it....
And I always see photos of the front of the Coast Guard Station and have gotten a little tired of here we can look at the backside, which I think is just as beautiful. Although I can't help but remember when I volunteered there and climbing those back steps into the old kitchen/now gift shop. I would rush in and run over to punch in the code before the alarm went off. A couple of times....two times! it happened. Thankfully, once the park rangers were there and even they had a time figuring how to turn it off......the second time, Barbara from next door came running over and knew exactly what to do. I just remember the cold, clammy dread and rush of adrenaline when that alarm would first start to screech. I'm much more comfortable now taking it's picture from a distance and safe from 'breaking and entering'.

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