Thursday, April 8, 2010


Norm suggested I get some updated photos of the Coast Guard boat up at the CG museum. It wasn't raining!!! Surprise-surprise!! But the wind was pretty cold. When we stood in the sun, it felt so good! That wind, though, let the American flag stand at attention for the camera. It's a beautiful old boat and a real credit to not only the now retired US Coast Guard but to the local volunteers who refurbished her. In enlarging the photos to see how sharp the resolution of the photo turned out, I was able to get up close and personal and the job they did and, I guess, the upkeep they do, is really well done. I don't know how often the volunteers are told how much their work is appreciated, so if you happen to come across any that you know of, be sure and let them know. Or better yet, go visit the museum again.....take a hike on the beautiful paths and admire that fantastic view......write in the comment book at the museum, and yes, even drop off a small donation. Because it's a job very well done.

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