Sunday, April 25, 2010


Winding up our re-visit of the Compass Rose, I took a couple of photos of the woods on the way down to Lake Garrison. The Hansen's have carved out a nice easy to walk nature trail winding through the trees. The dappled sunlight hitting the moss covered trees have always been a favorite of mine. I continue to try and put various shots I've taken of shade/sun lit trees and posting them on Flickr. So far, I have yet to make a 'believer' out of anyone.....those pics are usually ignored completely without any comment or word whatsoever. Maybe they're trying to make a 'believer' out of me!! ...... like "NOT GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!!" But I keep trying. Even when I was painting, I always have loved the contrast between the dark and light......and maybe that says more about the human condition than just the forests. And of course, the photography can't convey the sense of smell of the trees and undergrowth, the close-up look of the textures that might catch the I'll just continue to enjoy it myself and keep on keeping on.
Down at the water's edge we could hear the sound of various birds, especially the red winged blackbird. Emily could see some mallard ducks and spotted where the blackbirds flew and hid in the reeds. Most who know me know my eyesight rivals Mr. McGoo so I just took her word on the fact that the birds were there. I did see the mallards (I think), though. I enjoy the editing of these kinds of shots......when I enlarge them to look at the full pixels, I look through the reeds and undergrowth hoping to see some little animal or bird hiding from me but not the lens. No luck so far. This is a lovely spot......they have built blinds located along the way where a person can sit and watch, wonder and wait......there are several bird nests around and the newest added are boxes for wood ducks. A very beautiful bird. Also in this snap you can see the side and top of Humbug Mountain off in the distance. Such a special place!! Perfect place for a wonderful get-away.

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