Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Did we have sun today?? It's been sort of an 'all-over-the-map' kind of day. It wasn't blazing sunlight.....that I do know. But I took these late afternoon shots out at Garrison Lake and there was sort of a soft glow.....almost the gray we're all getting used to....but there was a hint of warmth for the snaps. I love Garrison Lake!! It's always changing, always beautiful and I never know what new surprise might be waiting for me when ever I drive by. We used to live above Battle Rock and the view was wonderful but after a while, if you want a life, it becomes more of a picture on the wall that you've started to take for granted. You just don't sit there for hours and admire least I didn't. Maybe it's the same living on the lake. One of the things I love about living in Cedar Terrace is the surrounded feeling I have living among the trees and the rest of Mother Nature's nesting ground. So, perhaps a lake would have the same appeal for me......It's not 'out there' at a distance but something I can feel a part of. I'm always promising myself that some morning or afternoon I'm going to just drive down there and sit with my camera and just watch, wait for whatever happens to happen, and enjoy.....just drink it all it. "Just One Of These Days............" Someone should write a song........

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