Sunday, April 4, 2010


Bringing home the girls is what I thought when I saw this scene. I wish I could let you view the entire picture of what was happening. The cows were running to, and along side, and ahead of the man you see in this photo. Calves were running and kicking up their heels, I think, just for the pure fun of it. They look too young to me to know the taste of hay yet. The noise is what first got my attention.....being in the middle of a stampede was barely louder, I think. All the mooing going on from all of them...It was a lot of fun to watch.

This second is just one more of the afternoon out on the eastside. This is probably the last of the photos from that day. Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this) I need to get out there and gather some more shoots. I hope the weather will cooperate.....just a little is all I ask. Today, Easter Sunday, a few weeks into spring and we had snow here today!! It didn't stick but it was definitely the white stuff coming down. I think we're all ready for some warmer weather along with some sunshine. Everyone have a great Monday!!

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