Friday, April 23, 2010


A very neat day! The sun was shinning! Yaaa! Always a good sign, huh? These photos are actually starting at the end of the day when I went with my friend to visit the bunnies at the Compass Rose. They really loved their lettuce leaves....plain lettuce, no dressing or croutons, please. You'll see more from the Compass Rose in the next few days.
I went with Emily to the Rotary meeting in as a guest. Delicious lunch, but what was really wonderful was listening to Angela Haseltine Pozzi from Art 101. Her dedication and passion in tackling the problem of ocean trash, especially plastic, will make anyone who hears her never doubt the damage that is being done to our waters, and I'm sure many dry areas as well. Don't see how it couldn't. She is working with many others, including a friend of her deceased husband in making a feature length film that will be released in theaters when completed in a year or so. They are editing as they go along and filming a few days a month, so there doesn't seem to be any doubt that this film won't get made. As an artist, her vision is to take the ugly and harmful plastic and turn it into something not only beautiful, but meaningful as it will travel on a tour to help awaken others to the very urgent message of all this garbage. The name of the project is "Washed Ashore, Plastics, Sealife and Art". There are not only many citizens of all ages helping at Angela's studio on Hwy 101, but she has the schools inspired to contribute what they can, which is no small contribution. I do need to research this a little on the internet before I start giving out misinformation. You might want to look into this project yourself, and hopefully become involved in either helping out at the studio, or just doing your own educated study and changing some of the ways you shop, or stock your own household, or just carry the word. Oh....and the ARTULA Institute is the organization behind Washed Ashore......I think......check it out yourself online. And it's not just a Bandon problem, or a Port Orford problem, nor's world wide and growing so rapidly and expanding so large that I really do need to get the numbers right before I write any more.....but the state of Texas comes to mind....and garbage 7 miles deep!!!
Since it is a world wide problem, I think it sort of fitting that this last photo is symbolic of where the 4 winds blow.......
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Stay safe!

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