Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, Easter Sunday, we had, it was one hail storm after another. And one boom of thunder after another. Pretty wild day, weather-wise. I'm surprised there wasn't any power outages, at least where we live. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we haven't exceeded in rainfall what we had measured for all winter. And any hope of a pear crop at our house is now pretty well doomed, I think. Anyway, This first shot is a little blurry, but I was getting beaten by hail and rain.....both me AND my camera. It just wasn't the right time to set up and use my new tripod.
The second image is some of the hail that deposited itself in a garden abalone shell. The colors of the shell make sort of an interesting contrast along with the grass in the background. I think the 6-10 day forecast is showers tomorrow and then just partly cloudy for the next several days. I think we're all more than ready.......
A side note......for anyone interested in pelicans and/or photography..... the Southern Coos Hospital in Bandon will be accepting pelican art over the next two days getting ready for a month long exhibit. The number of pelicans that graced our shores last winter made quite an impact on many an artistic eye. I think it should be a great show. Also.....Pat Stannard will have a month long display of some of her wonderful photographic work at the Langlois library, so try to stop by and take a look. And let's all look for sunny days ahead!

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