Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Can you tell that Norm might have been a career Navy guy? Anchors away! He's still very much a Navy man....meant in the very nicest sense.
He is also a wonderful woodworker, although he'd try to tell you differently. He made all these different anchors, all his own designs. He had been making beautiful trunks...think of the kind that was used when people traveled by ship using wooden chests....the kind with slatted and rounded lids. As an extra little bonus, he made these anchors and attached them with a leather cord and a couple of red, white & blue wooden beads, to the handle. Very unique and individual for each person who's lucky enough to have one of these heirlooms.
As a photographer, I particularly love the way the colors of the anchors are rich and the reflection shows so well against the wood of the hutch. Tomorrow I have a wooden heirloom of another type to show you. I think many of you will find it very interesting. See you then!


  1. Those are beautiful! Well captured too!

  2. Thanks, Eva. I'll tell him. I think he does beautiful work, but then, I might be a little prejudiced.