Sunday, January 31, 2010


This morning the sun actually came out for a while. It was a little on the weak side, but I definitely saw some blue! That was enough for me and I jumped in the car and headed to some places I've wanted to stop and do some shooting. (And I found plenty of places to pull off along the road, in case you wondered) First stop was the Elk River. This first one is looking east from the overpass. I have a couple more of the river that extend further up and show the mountains in the distance, but I've seen that particular view many, many times. So, this is a little different in that it's been cropped and honing in on just one section. The second photo is the Elk River looking west off the other side of Hwy 101. And I'm very pleased with this view. I like the contrast of the bare trees against the evergreens. Some nice reflections... And the little red-roofed barn just adds the right touch. I'll be showing more of my travels up 101 to Bandon in the next few days. Guess we're due for more rain again tomorrow but it sure had me appreciating the bit of blue that today brought. A little blessing. Hope you enjoyed it, for those that live on the south coast.

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