Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Took a little jaunt up the Coquille River today, to the boat ramp just beyond Riverview Kennel. It's been a while since I've been up there and was surprised to see a nice over-look of the marsh. See photo #3. Of course as soon as I got out of the car the sun hid behind a cloud and the tide was out. I was lucky to find a place that had some attractive grasses instead of looking just mud puddles. It looks like a really good spot to go birding...... on any other day but today, that is.

Isn't the robin looking like he's just sooo ready for spring?? And he was fussing at me a little.....maybe telling me that this was his territory. (Didn't know I looked like a robin, did you? me neither.)

The river itself had the tide rushing out and not too many birds around. I did see a couple of cormarants floating down the river....then every once in a while I'd hear the flap of wings and there they'd be skimming along the top of the water only to land in another spot. I'm seeing more and more signs of spring though. I saw some rhoddies in bloom up in Coos Bay. And there is a particular grove of alder trees growing in the middle of a large expanse of firs up on Beaverhill Road. I enjoy seeing them in the winter because with all their leaves fallen and at a distance, they take on sort of pastel and slightly fuzzy look. I noticed today that the pastel color is changing; deepening a little.
And of course, I know everyone has noticed the acacia trees coming into full bloom......Achoo!!

'scuse me.

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