Friday, January 22, 2010


Todays photo was taken out at the Charleston Marina. I've taken photos there before but this is another part of the marina. You can see part of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in the background. I've always loved the look of the Institute....all the cute little shingled cottages lined up. They look like they'd fit right in back in Cape Cod or thereabouts. I heard a number of sea lions or seals barking loudly but they were greeting an returning fishing boat way over on the other side of the marina, so no shots today. We made a number of stops on the way home. The sky was constantly changing but always stunning. There were large thunder clouds moving around the horizon looking beautiful and puffy one minute and ominous and threatening the next. I took a lot of those if I didn't have enough sky and cloud shots!! But they are always new aren't they?
**An added warning here.....If you haven't yet seen "Julie and Julia", just don't go grocery shopping too soon after......the Illusions of Grandeur might get'cha! Now what am I going to do with all this food?? And I'd rather be out shooting!!

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