Sunday, January 3, 2010


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I pulled this photo out of an old file from the early part of 2009. It is one of the photos that is symbolic, to me, of my grandson's death a year ago yesterday. A year of remembering with sadness and tears, regrets and what-if's.....and then realizing that it was really out of my hands all along. And so now, after posting this photo, I'm going to delete it....from my files and also the harddrive....I think Elements can do that. There will undoubtedly be some bittersweet emotions when I remember Jorma, but it just feels right for me to now honor his memory with sweet memories and gentle chuckles. Threre is never a time limit to one's own feelings of grief. They take on a life of their own and must just be acknowledged and experienced as they are. I like to think, now, of the light seen in this sunrise as Jorma's continuing essence.....not physically seen right now, but there none the less....just behind the clouds, or over the horizon, but always there....always.

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