Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Today seemed like the classic gray winter, dreary day. Not really raining but a constant drizzle that was, well, sort of lack-luster compared to some of our more exciting weather....or beautiful days. But the lack of wind had many of the waters in the area looking as smooth as glass....again. We've been lucky to have a number of those this fall and winter. This photo is of the Davis Slough, and it's always a 'photo waiting to happen'. This time, Norm knew I wanted to try and photograph it, and he slowed down. I was expecting him to stop the car......which he had to do as I unbuckled, had camera ready and my hand on the door. STOP!!! (cuss! cuss! cuss!) I really didn't know it was illegal to pull off the road and stop....he might have just made that up. Anyway, I liked this shot.....maybe a little busy but I love the subtle colors and like many of the various waters we viewed today, there was mist rising to add even more interest. Pretty, huh?

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  1. Very pretty! I love when the water is so tranquil. Great shot!