Sunday, January 17, 2010


Such a nasty day out!! The wind part of our weather gauge has conked out but some of those gusts are pretty strong. So...I'm cleaning out some of my old photos and trying to make some order in my Adobe E. files. I came across these two photos that remind me of the movement from one season to the next. Sort of like our lives, huh? The lichen is a little gem that really caught my attention this winter. At times it's alone like in this shot; other times it almost smothers a tree, looking like pale green blossoms filling the graceful limbs. The way the light sometimes catches the lichen can actually look like it's glowing. And it's at it's best when there is rain about.....Winter. (Well, maybe not all the time, since this IS Oregon!).
But ready to move onto the scene when winter gives up it's hold is Spring. This bud on our rhododendron is just waiting to burst out in full bloom and glory. I've noticed in the spring when all the rhoddy's are in bloom, that the shabbiest hovel can take on the look of an enchanting cottage when some ignored rhododendron refuses to be ignored any longer! Hugh boisterous
colorful shrubs just shout that it's a new season.....Spring! Warmer temperatures, more limber limbs and feelings of renewal and an "I CAN!" attitude.
I'm ready!!

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