Sunday, January 24, 2010


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My files seem to be a little confused so we'll have to look at a smaller photo today, unless you double click it. Then you will be taken over to my Flickr page.
Anyway.....this was one of the pretty sights the other day on the way through Bandon. You really can't see them without enlarging the photo quite a bit, but way over towards the pointed rocks, at the base of the rounded cliff, there are two lonely little people beach-combing. I'd have missed them completely but I was checking my pixels and then saw their fuzzy little bodies, all bent over looking for some treasure. In taking this shot I was lucky to have a few minutes of weak sunlight.
And now......I'm thoroughly engrossed in the Vikings vs the Saints football game. Brete Favre just got hurt and things aren't looking good for my favorite team. Booooo! Well, hopefully things will turn around. Fingers crossed. (and toes).

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