Thursday, January 28, 2010


A few days back I posted a couple of photos of my great-great grandmother's home converted into a boarding house for gentlemen. (remember the young unmarried daughters). I told you the the roof, and then the top floor could be removed and that the jeweler who carved this art, replicated even the inner workings of the household. The top photo with the measuring tape is of the ground floor. At the far left is like a receiving room....Aunt Lily at the piano and my great great grandmother at the base of the stairs (I don't think you can see her from this angle) A few more bedrooms and then back to the kitchen and beyond that is a back porch with various necessities. The second photo is of the top floor which housed all the gentlemen. All the little details that were a part of daily living back then. Really an amazing piece of San Francisco history and folk art.

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  1. That is truly amazing! I'm so glad you shared a view of the inside. I love all the great details - even the pillows on the beds!