Wednesday, January 13, 2010


These were a couple of shots I took the last few days. This first one was above Battlerock....up the street from the Mitchell's B & B. I really like this view and will undoubtedly go back in weather that's a little more mild. This was where I was holding on to the side of a house in keep my balance in the wind. Invigorating??

And the second one is the beautiful little creek that crosses under Hwy 101 into Lake Garrison. It's one of my favorite sights....all year long as it is constantly changing as different grasses bloom, change colors, show more water or less.....and the curve of the creek itself is appealing to me. Since I've taking up photography I've seen much more of not only Port Orford but different places in the south coast area. And there's still so much more for me to see.....and you will too as I take you along with me!!

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