Friday, January 29, 2010


Yep!! 37 years!! Pretty good, huh?
We went to lunch at a new restaurant in was really great!! I highly recommend The Phoenix Grill
and I know you won't be disappointed. A very good menu with good, fresh ingredients and a A-One view right on the Coquille River.
It was hard for me to get too enthused about photo taking today (I know!! Is that really me that said that?) but this ever gray weather doesn't help. No clouds or blue sky....just gray. I did fairly well, though. I put a few on Flickr if you want to check that out. As soon as the sun comes out though, I'm off to take shots of many of the places that I can only go to least not with wonderful husband of 37 years! He's good at stopping for me, even pointing out things that I might miss. He does have a limit though. Says he can't just park on the highway. I can. All you have to do is move over to the right a little and you'll be fine. In the meantime, the ducks in photo #1 are ones that are seen frequently out on the road to the jetty in Bandon. They were pretty happy poking around in the mud looking for 'duck food'.
The second photo is from a clematis out on our deck at home. Nancy and Ed Dowdy gave me a start and it found a happy home climbing up a trellis and weaving through the slats. I even saw a couple of trees starting to bloom today! That surprised me! I think we're going to have an early spring. But watch out for late winter frost.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! How wonderful! I hope you had a lovely day together.

  2. Thanks, Eva. It was a lovely day!!