Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We viewed an interesting sky tonight. In the top photo you can still see a
little patch of pink against the fading blue sky.....along with the thunder clouds
looking dark and ominous. My niece up north was seeing snow in
the Pearl district of Portland. It feels like winter to me......Went up to Coos Bay
today and it must be a super plus tide.......it looked like the Coos River was going to
flood again. It was raining pretty good but how I wanted to stop and get some
shots of the moss or lichen on the trees. I think they were mostly alders and
looked like trees that were thickly in bloom instead of bare leafed. Their light green color stood out in contrast against the darker forest in the background
of the evergreens. Beautiful!
Tomorrow I stick close to home and re-attack my photo editing system....with
re-newed vigor and confidence!! Although, in the meantime, thank God for my
little Picasa!
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