Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, the best laid plans........etc. etc. There was no time today for software learning.
(Gosh Darn!! I'm disappointed!) Instead, Norm picked up some live crabs down at
the dock. Out came the big pot and get the water to boiling. In goes the rock salt, and
then the crab. I took photos of the entire process but the photos of the crab going into
the pot would have me getting 'hate-mail', I'm sure. Far too graphic!! Heck! I'd send
myself hate-mail! So, the top photo is the crabs alive and in the bucket, and second
after they were cooked. After the crab is cooked, the dinner calls for fresh bread, so
out come the flour, yeast, etc., etc.....the dough is rising as I type. Since I had to....
HAD TO, absolutely! put away the cookies, candy, snacks, etc., etc. then maybe I'll
get back into a healthy eating cycle again. And tomorrow, I will attack the editing
system with gusto!! Yes, I will!
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  1. Great shots! And fresh bread. Mmmmmmmmm!

  2. Yes!! "Mmmmmmmm" was exactly what it was, too! Nothing like fresh crab and baked bread....where you just reach in and tear it apart and using one of the claws to dig the deeper meat out. Think 'King Henry the 8th"