Monday, December 7, 2009


My first trip down to the dock yesterday to look for the urchins that weren't there
yet, but I found the crab boats lining up to deliver their loads. It's been great weather
for the crab fishermen....the wind has been down, the sun bright and from the
taste of the crab at last night's dinner, the crabs are fairly full (and SO delicious!).
In the first photo you see some of the boats waiting to deliver.....then they move
down a ways to have the hoist lift them up onto the dock and onto their waiting trailers.
The second photo, I just liked. Actually, it shows how fairly small those boats are
compared to the enormity of the ocean. And the weather can change very rapidly
and become dangerous very quickly.
And the third is the delivery.....these crabs were VERY active, using those claws
with tight grips on anything they could find. Notice the worker's gloves......I wouldn't care if I had gloves made
of iron! You would not catch my delicate little paws anyway near! And when I
cook them up at home, I grab a hold with kitchen utencils and generally look the
other way as I put them in the boiling water. I think ever so briefly of becoming a
vegetarian.......notice I said BRIEFLY. Crab is probably my favorite seafood.... And
like any self-serving bad memory, it disappears into the mind-mist of denial.

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