Thursday, December 10, 2009


We were up in Coos Bay yesterday and I was waiting in the car
for my husband to do some info gathering. Bored, I started
looking around at something to photograph. I think you
can tell what might have caught my eye! I don't really have too
much interest in old trains but I do love bright colors,
especially complimentary colors like those above. And for any
that DO enjoy looking at historical trains, this might encourage
you to stop by and take a closer look. It's right on Hwy 101 North.
I do remember when I was a kid and the engineer would always wave
to the children. We'd count the cars and the little red caboose was almost
more of an important part of the train than the engine, although I have no
idea why. Maybe because it was always so cute. OK....I can hear all the
guys moaning and complaining at that description! So.....maybe the boys
liked the caboose because it was 'The End"!!
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