Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was out walking and crossed paths with one of our nice neighbors, Charlie.
Charlie has the two above Boston Bulldogs. In the top photo, this gal doesn't have the best
eyesight but when I get close enough for her to recognize she just becomes sort of
unglued. Back goes her ears as well as her that typical doggie grin. It always
makes me laugh in return. Here, though, she's trying to figure out what that strange clicking noise is that's coming from the 'whatever' in front of my face.
The second photo is her offspring, I believe. Still a puppy, she REALLY gets excited and demands pets, nips out of your hand (always meant in the friendliest way, of course!) and any attention you can manage to give her.
Notice the wild-eyed look......she's saying "I MUST have another pet!! I MUST, MUST...MUST!!!
I think the two of them looked pretty decked out for the holiday season with their bright
red halters, don'cha think?
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