Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I haven't put up a tree this year.....first time ever. I thought I'd feel very gloomy about
the lack of lights, old friends in the shape of ornaments, travels taken, and family
made ornaments when children were young. I still have a mis-shaped snowman
gingerman who only stays together after 30 years solely by love, I'm sure. But I'm OK with it....at
least for this one year. I'm absolutely loving other people's trees this season. Their
wreaths, bright ornaments and bright lights......outdoor displays.....all beautiful. This
one posted here is from my friend Nanci and Ray's. I got a number of interesting
photos out of it which you undoubtedly will be seeing over the next week or so.
Every tree is so beautiful and lovely.......warm and inviting again, brushing away the
cold weather chill. A warmth of the heart rather than the sun.......A time to be thankful.
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