Sunday, December 6, 2009


I went down to the dock late this afternoon specifically to photograph urchins.
I first went down around 2 o'clock and was told they might be coming in about
4:30 or 5 o'clock. Back down I went at 4:30..........and it was FREEZING!! We're getting
the influence of some Artic air anyway and whatever was blowing right off the
Pacific made me realize that I didn't have warm enough clothes in all my closet
to keep me anywhere near comfortable. But.....I'm finding I am doing more and more
things outside of my comfort zone for the price of a, hopefully, good picture.

I had to wait there for a little while until the boat carrying the urchins was in
close. Then, rather than wait until they hoisted the boat up, I found I could look straight
down from the dock (holding onto a bar good and tight!) and shoot from above.
And I liked them in the baskets that they bring them up from the sea floor in rather than the touts
they're thrown in once on deck. But....aren't they a beautiful color? I did no alternating
of color....just a bit of cropping and a smidge of sharpening. I caught other interesting
sights this afternoon and will save those for another day.
In the meantime......Stay warm!!!

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