Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OK......the holidays can be stressful with shopping, mailings, baking, wrapping,
etc. etc. etc. and all the while everyone you see is happily wishing a Merry Christmas!
Good stuff, right? And it is good stuff......it's just that at times there is SO much good stuff
all at once! And the smile starts feeling like it's made of plaster of paris. I was at my hairdressor's today, and everyone was really feeling the strain....the mood of the salon was kinetic and noisy.....then I start feeling stressed.......So I take a breath,try and set my prioties aright (yet again??) and try not
to take everything that needs to be done quite so seriously. And look at the goofy little
bird in the photo above. Happily celebrating his (has to be a male, right?) Christmas,
looking odd, not caring one bit and wearing a silly little grin. Things will work out....they always do.

I find meaning in the strangest places, huh? Whatever works!


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