Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This lovely Christmas tree was in a Coos Bay beauty salon. I love their
choice of green ball ornaments against the dark red wall. It makes a
pretty sight, doesn't it. It's enough to let me overlook the smell of hair
We're really getting close to it now, aren't we? Tomorrow is Christmas
Eve and it's a night that brings me closer to the real meaning of Christmas.
I don't have a tree up this year but in past Christmas', I'd sit by myself after Norm went to bed, and
in the dark living room with just the Christmas tree lights on along with
my Mexican Nativity scene glowing......and just contemplate. Times past with family
and friends, travels taken which were represented by various ornaments I'd
pick up in foreign lands, ornaments that were made by people now passed from
my life, or children who've grown up and are beyond those things or Christmas
cards that are from my Mom, who's been gone now many years.
But in looking at her hand-written greeting and still giggling a little at what
she wrote.........still corny and much missed..... and beloved.
So, tomorrow night will have no tree, but I just might sit by myself
by the fireplace which will have low flames or glowing embers and
simply contemplate................and give my Thanks.
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