Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I can't think of any other place I've lived where I've seen turkeys.....WILD turkeys
at that, wandering through town. I've heard and seen other photographs of the
infamous white turkey and suddenly there it was along with the rest of the
flock. They were just sort of hanging around in front of a house on Jefferson St.
When I got out of the car and started shooting (camera) that was when, naturally, every
car in town seemed to be driving down Jefferson! As they meandered across
the street and up into the shrubs of someone else's house, I got a few more
disappearing shots (camera) but these were the three best. Always in driving down Hwy. 101
I see wild turkeys at times and they always looked plain and brown. 'Course between the
distance, speed of the car, and my eyesight, I missed a lot, didn't I. I'm surprised
at what pretty markings they have. Years ago when I lived in California, a neighbor
of ours, Buddie Byrd, (True name...I promise!) had a wild turkey hen take
up residence at his house. She LOVED Buddie and would follow him everywhere! He'd scratch her back and she just go into ecstasy. Sort of the joke of the neighborhood. But, unfortunately some other wild critter
got hold of her and so the tragic end of Miss Hen and her love for Mr Byrd.
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