Tuesday, March 1, 2011


And that's exactly where I think yet another of my camera's lens cap is! Seems everytime I go down to the dock during windy and blustery weather, I lose a lens cap. I return to look for them but, of course, never find anything. I think they must slip through the planks of the dock. So, I ordered another one and thought I'd gotten such a bargain in price! Only $3.24 compared to many higher prices I saw. Then I saw that the shipping and handling was $4.99!! More than the 'bargain' price for the lens cap. Oh, well. It's a done deal now. One of the minor inconveniences of living in small communities, I guess. There's more than enough to off-set these times, thankfully. Beautiful country, beautiful people...........and more.
The seas were really whipping up today with the newest storm making it's way onto the coast. Very rough seas and high winds. The kind of wind where I need to lean against something to hold the camera steady. Hmmm........maybe that's what happen to the lens cap.
"You must remember that man is noble, man is sublime, man is devine, and can accomplish whatever he desires." Swami Muktananda

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