Sunday, March 6, 2011


It started out as a beautiful morning. Another sign of spring coming on is this pussywillow in the top image. I took the photo last week at Lake Garrison. And another sure sign is that I've been seeing the ever-graceful-in-flight turkey vultures again. I always mean to look up in which direction they migrate to, but they're coming back from where ever. Too bad their faces and nasty cuisine aren't as beautiful as their soaring in the skies. Well, there is that distasteful job of clean-up for Mother Nature, I guess. Someone has to do it.

This morning I was going to do some painting.......not the fun kind.....a couple of rooms that need some "spiffing-up". Instead I found myself doing some gardening out back. One weed led to another; one pruned rose bush led to a couple more; more dead-heading led to more sore muscles and stiff back than I'd wished but oh, well. That's also part of the spring ritual, isn't it?
This second photo was also taken at the love affair with grasses continues...I love the look of these against the beautiful blue of the sky. We do have wonderful, clear air here on the coast.

Hope you're all rested up after the weekend and look forward to a great week ahead! And if you find yourself bored with nothing to do, I have some weeds you can help pull. 8-))
What?? No takers??

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