Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So marks the end of March. In like a lion..........certainly a wet lion. And I did see a bit of weak sun today so we'll call that the lamb. I even saw the possibility of some sun next week according to the weatherman that I want to believe.
This first photo above is of some pear blossoms on our Bartlett. Rarely do we get pears that are worth saving. If the winds and/or hail doesn't get them, blight does. One year we had a good delicious crop along with it's neighbor, the Asian pear. We're always hopeful, though.

This second one looks better if viewed on large. I like experimenting with black and white. I saw a fabulous black and white photo the other day that was looking down on a very ruffled lettuce leaf. So many great photographs out there!!

"Common friend to you and me,

Nature's gifts to all are free." Robert Burns

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