Friday, March 25, 2011


I won't mention today that the wet stuff is again leaving us moist...........maybe this summer we'll be happy for these non-drought days, you think?? In spite of our lack of sun and warmth, my Pieris Andromeda is blooming. A few sprigs for indoor cut flowers will be welcome.

Today I enjoyed the best quiche! I think Dianne at Siren's baked it up today because I asked if she would be having one today (Friday) since I love them and would be meeting a neat lady for lunch. So when I walked in the door, there it was.......a big, beautiful golden brown quiche! Yum!! It was great and I thank you Siren's.........great crust, too.

As I left there and swung out onto Hwy. 101, only in Port Orford, did traffic stop to allow 2 turkeys to cross the highway. One of the things I just love about this town......Quirks galore!! Even with the wildlife. Love it! 8-))

OK, as promised.......this is the painting bench that Norm built for the Rotary dinner dance and auction. It only stands about 15" wide and 3' wide. It's very sturdy and supposedly a painter designed it. This photo doesn't show the open oval in the center too well, but that's for easy carrying. Actually, it has many uses. Mine will be a palette for some surface painting rather than for standing on to paint. Or maybe both. I don't think I speak from prejudice when I say that anything Norm builds is always very well done. (well, maybe a 'wee' little bit of prejudice.....but not much......

It almost officially the start of the weekend and I hope you all have great plans and fun things to do............See you Monday!

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