Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I read somewhere that a cow almost always makes people smile. I know it does me. Course, there could be that unfortunate non-smile if one of these very large animals stepped on you. And I'm always really amazed when I see a cow up close as to how enormous they are. Anyway, the best of my trip up to Coos Bay today was that both the cows and their calves were close enough to Hwy 101 that I could stop and get out to take some photos. I've been wanting to for a couple of years and not only the cows, but about a mile up the road........the baby lambs. Now they definitely bring a grin to anyone's face! In today's shots there was that annoying wire fence to try and eliminate, and the results weren't as clean as I would have liked but I'm not going to allow that to spoil my fun. I just have a very good reason to go back and try to get some more shots. They were very curious about me and the funny clicking noise they kept hearing from my direction. There is one belted Galloway that I'd really like to get a shot of but I think she's being kept in a far pasture this year.
The first photo up on the top is not a calf, as you can see, but a mama that kept looking from me back to over her shoulder at her calf to make sure nothing of danger was lurking around. After a few minutes she gave me the OK by ignoring me completely. But not before I caught a full facial shot of her. A good Mama.....
The second were 2 calves that kept imitating each other in their movements and poses. They were so cute. Undoubtedly I'll be showing you more in the next week or so since I just love cows. Almost as much as I love photographing grasses.
Tomorrow we visit the sheep and those darling, frolicking lambs. What little characters!
Have a terrific Thursday and start making your plans for a great weekend!!

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