Saturday, February 26, 2011


And what, I may ask, is normal?? This winter has been just crazy with the wild swings between balmy spring in the middle of winter to frigid temperatures now that we have a lot of spring blooms showing. But the sky has cleared....sort of........and most of the snow has melted although it's been cold enough to keep ice in protected areas. And someone asked..........."just where IS this global warming we keep hearing about?"
It's ok since I spent the day painting, nursing a cold and staying warm. And thinking how my garden needs to be fertilized. Nurseries and such are starting to get in different garden supplies and the catalogs are sending more than me dreaming of their spring and summer garden. This year is my year to win over all the Oregon Green that insists on growing where it's uninvited. In other words, 'weeds'. I've included a small miniature rose portrait that has inspired me in it's own little small way.
The other two photos are some from our recent 'snow-day'.

Well, hope everyone's having a good weekend. Mine is fairly quiet. Guess we need those every once in a while, huh? The next busy week will be here before we know it so enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Great shots - forms and shapes, compositions - you are getting better and better.