Monday, March 14, 2011


Hasn't this been a wild weekend, huh? Starting off with early morning phone calls on Friday, sirens, alerts, helicopters flying over more frequently, more phone calls, sirens and alerts.......Ending the weekend with a pretty intense thunderous rainy day yesterday. One thunder boom seemed to rattle the ground and continue for what seemed like a veeerrrry long time. Right now it's blessedly quiet.

The tragedy in Japan reminded me of the occasional nightmares I get. They ALWAYS involve me standing and waiting for an enormous tsunami (thank you, Hollywood!) that will be engulfing me....nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. After we moved here, me thinking I'd escaped the "Big One" in California, only to find out that we live on a land plate similar to Japan's and supposedly due 'any second now, to rupture into the worst disaster ever. Hopefully, our own coast line will stay in place for another few hundred years or more. And my thoughts and prayers do go out to the many who have suffered because of this terrible event, as I know everyone else does.

So, it was a good day to re-visit the Hwy 101 animals from Morgan McKenzie's pasture. This second photo I like so well and it's a shame I can't remove all of the residule of the wire fence line right across her face. I love her expression. She is definitely NOT in a mood to be amused!

Norm has been thinking of turning in his truck and getting something different although he hasn't had his Tacoma for very long. He's too big for the truck, though, and says he's "too old to be bending in two to get into it." We should have our new Toyota RAV4 delivered tomorrow morning. Followed shortly, I'm sure, by maybe a Prius in exchange for my Honda. I like the idea of a hybrid considering all the gas ups and downs that don't sound as if they're going to disappear to me.

So, that's my world over the weekend with a fairly quiet week coming up. Hope you are having a great Monday along with the rest of your week.

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