Thursday, March 24, 2011


I don't know what the art of being a good sport is........I'll be honest and say that trying to be a good sport about all this spring rain but it's actually getting a bit old! But I'm giving it my all. Well, maybe not my complete ALL, but a stab at it, anyway. It's not only the rain but it's darn cold out too! Coming back from Coos Bay the other day and from way up on Seven Devil's Road, I could see the distant mountains with lots of snow at fairly low elevations. Great for the skiers but not so much for those that want to get in the garden.

In the meantime today, I had a delightful coffee break with a good friend, ran into other good friends, all while in one of my favorite places for a delicious Cafe' Mocha......Siren's. Then I got down to work when I came home fully charged up, to climb up the ladder again and do more of that painting that is waiting ever-so-patiently for me in the bathroom.

The first photo up at the top is of some lemons in one of my favorite dishes. The dish was inherited from a relative and is from Bavaria. I love the cheerfulness of it.
The second photo is a bowl filled with rocks and shells in water. A few times a week, I have to pick up all the shells that have been pulled out and checked out by our wandering raccoons. You'd think they would know by now that there's just nothing in those shells from them to eat, but I guess 'hope springs eternal' for Rocky Racoon and his band of marauding bandits!
Tomorrow I hope to post a photo of the cute little painting bench that Norm made for the Rotary Auction, to be held on April 9th. He made me one too and I'm looking at different ideas to paint on the surface. I'm getting an urge again to pick up a paint brush........NOT the kind I've been using lately on the bathroom walls! I thought I might try some under-the-sea "stuff". Great word, "stuff" covers so much ground, don'cha think??
Well, that's it for tonight..........Have a great Friday and stay dry.

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  1. Nice photos! The bowl is very nice, even without sentimental value!

    Silly coons.

    Have a great weekend!