Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's a good thing I live around a lot of water since most of my shooting revolves around the wet stuff. I needed to run a few errands yesterday and found ourselves driving down Paradise Point Road to the beach. The ocean was beautiful that day......big, big waves and the ebb and flow of them was beautiful to watch.....each one seemingly more spectacular than the last. You can see all the way up the coast to Cape Blanco in the above picture. The photo below is from the marsh that's a part of Lake Garrison. The moods of so many of the picturesque places around here change rapidly from moment to moment depending on all kinds of natural changes that are going on. Clouds, wind, rain, sun, mist, heavy fog, tides and at times an animal or two. ............. Oh! I just saw that the marsh pic didn't make it. I'll include it as a PS so it will be above. Went to the dentist this morning and on the way back we drove around the Bandon Commons off of Beach Loop in Bandon. I sure like that little neighborhood. It's quiet, set back from the busy traffic along the Loop, and the landscaping is welcoming and fairly established in a manicured way. I'll have to go sometime and ask for a walk-through. Hope you're all having a good week and staying warm and dry. It's good weather to sit by the fire.........or like me, indoor chores like the on-going paint project. Make up some soup or stew, get a good book and keep warm. Dream of sunny days ahead. "People talk about nature. As the water moves, it makes its own sound. As the wind blows, it makes its own sound. When fire burns, it makes its own sound. In the same way, all of us have that music going on." Swami Chidvilasananda

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