Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's now official.........Spring season is here! And what better way to acknowledge that than taking time to photograph some flowers. I love the allysum that has been growing in a protected flower box on the deck. And most of my daffodils have disappeared but there was ONE! Count it! One! and here you see it. It even had a lovely fragrance. I need to remember next fall to buy more for planting.
Lastly, is the beautiful hyacinths..........I absolutely love them. The kind of fragrance that makes you want to inhale only. Exhaling is such a waste! They really have been beautful this year.

Along with celebrating spring flowers comes spring cleaning. I've tackled painting a couple of rooms in the house. Discovered some muscles that had rusted over the winter, but it feels good to see the difference some simple paint can make. Today I also bought some mold-killer that doesn't damage plants so that's another project coming up soon...........Lots to do this time of year. Course, I have no illusions that we won't see a bit more rain, but let's hope the heaviest is a thing of the past for this year, anyway. Right now, as I write, the sun is out and it just gives such a jump of optimism. And this poor old world can definitely use a good dose of that these days, huh? So, go out and smell a flower, paint a room or pull some weeds and enjoy and smile!!

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