Tuesday, March 15, 2011


That's where I was mentally today........out in the garden in the sun....SUN!! Hear that Mother Nature?? Course with the way you've been acting out lately, I ask in the utmost courtesy.
I'm picturing blooming flowers, lush vegetables bearing plenty of food for eating and storing. A weed-free and beautiful garden like the kind I've been seeing in spring magazines. Hmmm......dream on, Donna!

I've dug around in some of my older files for some photos to post. The first one was obviously when the much-missed sun was out and the air was still so we had beautiful reflections.
And the second I liked in black and white and it's a view from up on Coast Guard Hill. I love that old snag hanging over the cliff.
Tomorrow we have places to go and people to see so we'll be driving the new RAV4 for the first time. Looking forward to it..........And to get away from the continuing trauma that goes on in Japan. So awful. Hopefully, there will be no more disasters for those poor people.
And so with thoughts of Japan and it's people.........
"You find true joy and happiness in life when you give and give and go on giving and never count the cost."
Eileen Caddy
The Dawn of Change

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