Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm drawing a blank for a title tonight..........too much rain, I think....... This top photo was one I think I missed posting a while back when I'd snapped all those beautiful cows and calves. This one looks a little sleepy while her calf is looking for a little snack, I think. We're having a return to some cold weather tonight, I guess. It should last only another day or the weatherman says. I do have some roots, seeds and such to plant before they start sprouting in their bags. And it would feel good to work off a little of the winter duldrums for an hour or so. I managed to go for a walk today just before the winds went wild and the skies opened up. Just enough to set off a craving for more of the outdoors.
This second photo was taken a few days ago over at my friend, Nanci's, garden. This particular blossom has opened up now in it's pure red color. Here, they were in their beautiful opening stages. Pretty, huh? Nanci's rhoddy's have the biggest, fullest blooms and then big fluffy flowers! They're enormous! I'm jealous!! For all the good that does! 8-)

I'm beginning a new project of painting a celtic design from the Book of Kells on the bench that Norm built me. It's a painting bench but I dare anyone to use it for that after I spend hours and hours working on it. Maybe I can get him to make up another one for practical use. When I was painting the bathroom it was perfect for standing, fitting into the bathtub and was very sturdy........I felt very safe on it which isn't how I normally feel on a ladder. Think of that if/when you attend the Port Orford Rotary dinner dance and auction. There is one of those beautiful painting benches that Norm made that will be there for bidding. For one lucky bidder! Could be you.

Around Port Orford, have you heard that we'll be having another couple of art galleries in town?? More on that as those plans solidify.

In the meantime hope you all have your usual fun plans laid out for the weekend. See you soon!

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